Offizin Verlag

The name Offizin originates from the word "opificina", the place "where the works are made". Although this has been a long time ago, the term has been preserved for pharmacies and in particular for printers, and also for the publishing house.

In the 1960s and early 1970s, Fritz Schmidt printed the leaflets for the Ostermarsch, the SDS and the APO in his barn on the old Heidelberg crucifix and small brochures. When the Socialist Office in Hanover became stronger, he founded the "Offizin Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft" with the composer Dieter Klusmeyer, supported by many friends. It has been awarded to Hanover University of Technology.

Since 1993, Michael Buckmiller has written a book about the history of the publishing house: The edition of the writings of Karl Korsch, the series of writings of the Institute for Political Science of the University of Hanover (until 2006), the publication series of the Loccumer Initiative Critical Scientists, edited by Klaus Ahlheim, the author of the Critique of the Critical Science, edited by Klaus Ahlheim , and others. Unfortunately the printing shop had to be closed. In spite of modern technology, our daily life is still available by small-scale publishing. the name is retained.


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